Warehouse Manager

Rick is the reason your flooring is pre-inspected, and perfectly cut.

When did you join Messner? My wife and I moved here with our 2 sons about 21 years ago from Florida. We worked in the photographic business until the digital era arrived. We both found new careers within the last 10 years. I joined Messner in 2009.

What is your role?I manage all the inventory for both the commercial and retail sides of the business – and there is a lot of material that comes through this warehouse. When a customer orders flooring it comes here first, and we check it out to make sure it’s correct and in perfect shape. We also cut all the carpet to specific lengths for our installers here in the warehouse, so they don’t have to take a 90 foot roll on site. This makes the installation of carpet more efficient for us and our customers.

What do you like about your work? Quality is really important at Messner, and I like being “quality control” and a bit of a traffic cop in the warehouse. I also like that the job keeps me VERY busy.

Other interests?Photography! I’ve been shooting weddings for 35 years and still do weddings on weekends. I worked in the photography business from processing pictures in a photo lab all the way through the digital age. I even shot some of the photos for the Messner website. I also love to play golf and the great outdoors in summertime.

Selected Quote:
“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.”
– Henry Ford