Commercial Project Manager

Project management that ensures quality, transparency, and safety.

When did you join the company? I joined Messner in July of 2013, but started in the industry in 1985, including working with Messner as an installer in the 90’s. I’ve worked hard to get where I am, and I’m so grateful to be part of the Messner Team.

What is your role? As Project Manager I’m responsible for making sure we are absolutely prepared for each job. That means I’ve checked conditions on-site, we’ve got access, the correct lighting, temperature, ventilation, and more. I have to make sure that the equipment is checked and in perfect working order, the right supplies are delivered to the right places, and that the site has safe working conditions .

What do you like about your work? I’ve seen how other flooring companies operate,and I am very happy to be working with Messner, where everyone is professional and ethical. Messner stands out above the rest with their integrity and manner of working with customers. Everyone takes pride in giving the customer what they expect and deserve. People here will take the extra time so that there are no surprises and no unanswered questions. They do whatever it takes, and stay honest and professional.

Other interests? I enjoy doing things with my family, and lately we’ve gotten involved with giving back. I managed the Messner renovation at Alternatives for Battered Women, and everyone in the company got so involved it became personal. Now my family is involved, collecting like-new clothes and more for the people who were separated from their homes and belongings because of violence.

Selected Quote:“Far and away the best prize life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” 
Theodore Roosevelt