Business Manager

From health plans to payroll, Lisa takes care of the team.

When did you join the company?I started with Messner in 2004 – I’ve been here a decade!

What is your role? I manage the office, cut checks, take care of payroll, and I also have HR responsibilities. For example, I help our people with health and life insurance, the IRA plan, and anything I can do to help people out. My role keeps evolving—we have a new computer system that I’m trying to master, so that if anyone has any trouble I can be their go-to person.

What do you like about your work? I’m glad we’re an ethical company, and that we put out a good product and do good work. I’m proud of our great reputation. And I enjoy helping our employees. I’m glad I can help if they’re having issues, and I feel good seeing that everything’s running smoothly.

Other Interests? I have four kids. The oldest is graduating from high school and the youngest is 4 years old. I like being involved in their schools and I help where I can. Most of my free time is spent shuttling them to all their activities and trying to get one prepared for college!

Selected Quote:“If you aren’t in over your head, how do you know how tall you are?” 
T. S. Eliot