Commercial Sales Representative

Family and community make the job great, for Jack.

When did you join the company? I joined in April 2008 as an apprentice to a commercial salesman.

What is your role? I grew up in this business, going to work with my dad on a Friday when he’d bring bagels to the warehouse, smoke a cigar and cut checks. I remember crawling on the mountains of carpet pads as a little kid. Now I work in commercial sales doing project management and commercial estimating.

What do you like about your work? The job is constantly changing! What we’re offering customers is evolving, as well, so it’s always new and we’re always getting better at finding different solutions. I’m glad that job takes me to different places. It’s especially nice to have my brother by my side and work with my family. We try to have that value-add of working with quality people in a quality environment.

Other interests? I’ve been part of the Junior Builders Exchange for about three years, and recently co-chaired a fundraising kickball tournament to support Gilda’s Club. The teams playing were all general contractors – it was a terrific event, and we were proud to support a great organization like Gilda’s Club. I’m glad the company supports our being involved in community organizations, and proud of our commitment to charitable causes.

Selected quote: Carpet diem!
― unknown