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LEARN HOW: Some things to watch out for…

There is no such thing as “free.” Lots of places advertise “free installation,” or “second room free.” The fact is this: there is NO “free.” Materials cost money, and installers need to be paid for their labor. So when you get something for “free,” how can that be?

Our customers know that a retailer who advertises a $3.00/sf floor covering for $1.00 is making it up somewhere. Maybe the square footage will be over-estimated to make up the difference. Maybe the difference will be made up by offering a free, low-quality pad and then up-selling you to a standard or superior pad. Maybe you purchased unfinished wood of such low quality, you couldn’t use a third of what you paid for, and had to go buy more. Maybe the installers are not highly qualified.

Again and again our customers are bewildered by our project costing the same, sometimes less, than the guys who were offering something for free. At Messner we’ll give you honest, clear pricing, with no tricks, gambits, or surprises.

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