Types of Vinyl

Color, texture, and inspiration from the beauty of nature come together in our beautiful selection of vinyl flooring from Armstrong and IVC.

Vinyl Tile – Vinyl tiles allow for creativity, including mixing tiles and creating visual effects such as borders. The seams between vinyl tiles are intended to contribute to the design. We carry the newest trends in vinyl, including large format tiles from 16” x 16” square and the hugely popular 12” x 24” rectangle tiles.

Vinyl Plank — Vinyl planks come in many looks, and can actually resemble wood planks. The shape of the planks contribute to exciting decorator looks.

Sheet Vinyl— Vinyl sheet flooring is meant to be a continuous, smooth surface. Only if a single sheet isn’t big enough to cover a room will there be a seam in vinyl sheet flooring.

LVT: Luxury Vinyl Tile — Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) offers the realistic look of natural materials in durable, easy to maintain vinyl. LVT is made by bonding several layers together, including a photographic layer under a protective top layer.


Vinyl tiles, planks, and most sheets are either felt-backed or vinyl-backed, and secured to the floor with adhesive. Fiberglass-backed vinyl sheet is meant to float, and is secured with a strong double-sided tape instead of adhesive.